Obsessively designed, Thrive Containers plants grow vertically indoors without soil, getting their nutrition from water and light energy from powerful LEDs. The result is a system that operates independently from land, climate, and season with the power to bring local food production directly to you.

Ohio: Leafy Greens

Domestic models starting at $127,500
International models starting at $140,000

The most efficient leafy green hydroponic container on the planet. Built for ROI, Ohio’s production efficiencies and low reliability on resources, yield higher while maximizing profit & planet.


  • Custom designed racking system providing 6 levels of growing capacity
  • Industrial grade water level, temperature, pH and EC sensors and dosing pumps
  • 1 integrated reservoir for all Nursery and Cultivation Area irrigation
  • 2 pumps: 1 Aquaculture rated continuous duty cycle Irrigation System pump + 1 magnetic drive Reservoir Management System recirculating pump
  • Custom IoT enabled Growlink UL certified control panel


  • Monitor and control all Climate, Irrigation, and Reservoir Management Systems components with user defined Business Rules and Alarms & Events management engine
  • Build dashboards and perform ad hoc cross sectional data analyses in just a few clicks and export in various formats
  • Fully integrated Cultivation Management Platform (CMP) to manage all aspects of farm operations from batch planning all the way thru harvest, packing, and shipping
  • Report harvest forecasting vs. actuals and track all inputs, outputs, and required resources
  • Complete integration across Control System (Growlink) and Accounting System (Quickbooks Enterprise)

International Specifications

Our international models are 40 feet long (12.192 meters) with 40 feet (12.192 meters) of interior space.

European/Middle Eastern electric standards: 220v/240v 50Hz and outlet standards.

If you are interested in our THRIVE Containers, but will need a different electrical standard, please fill out our contact information form and we will get back with you.

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Starting at $45,000

Because Thrive Containers is designed by Growers for Growers, we also understand the nuances of the post growing cycle.  This is why we offer additional equipment to fulfill all aspects of the farming operation. From farm containers, cold storage, to support operations, we provide the complete solution.


The Cold Storage container is designed to support the farming lifecycle. A 40’ refrigerated container to hold all freshly harvested leafy greens. Our Cold Storage containers include remote monitoring capabilities, alarms and alerts, and maintain food and worker safety standards. Built to align seamlessly with our farm containers.


We’ve converted a standard 40’ shipping container into a one stop facility for additional packaging space, seeding, sanitizing, climate controlled storage and additional support operations. Built to align seamlessly with our farm containers.


In need of additional climate control, dry storage space, and restroom facilities for staff? We’ve converted a standard 40’ shipping container into a shared dry storage space with ADA compliant unisex restroom facilities for onsite staff. Built to align seamlessly with our farm containers.

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Micro Greens

The most prolific micro green hydroponic container on the planet . Built for ROI, Yukon’s design enables the widest variety of micro greens and sprouts, with low reliability on resources, while maximizing profit and planet.

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Built in pairs, our cannabis/hemp hydroponic containers are built to maximize yields in the tightest of spaces. Built for ROI, our Colorado containers seamlessly support a full seed/clone to flower operation. Streamlined grower operations, advanced climate control, industrial fertigation and Seed to Sale technology fully integrated to maximize profit and planet .

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Fully integrated into each farm container, the Nursery Propagation Station delivers independently controlled lighting recipes and water cycles in a flood and drain style delivery system. Fitting up to 24 standard 1020 trays, it creates the flexibility to stagger harvests by Cultivation Area zones or seed for a monthly, whole farm harvest. There are no separate nursery reservoirs, pumps or water sensors to manage, thereby simplifying operations and reducing maintenance costs.


The Cultivation Area utilizes a custom designed water supply and return system that provides flexibility to the number growing channels per row, thereby optimizing both number of plants sites and the required airflow distribution for healthy plant development, which differs across plant varieties. Lighting recipes are independently controlled across five zones by a custom GrowLink control panel. A custom designed racking system enable six levels of canopy space per zone, maximizing canopy height and square footage while maintaining a 100% gravity fed system with fewer moving parts and pieces, further reducing operational costs.


Based on a custom water supply and return system, the Irrigation System is designed around a single, continuous duty cycle aquaculture pump, rated for lower pH and higher nutrients levels, plus a handful of control system driven and manually controlled valves. Each rows’ supply and return manifolds are modularly built, essentially “plug and play,” enabling easy removal for maintenance activities and replacements. Flow rate is controllable at the zone and row level as well as a main supply line pressure valve, which returns to the reservoir, providing additional aerating oxygen to the water, which is critical for optimal plant growth.


5-ton Bard systems with independent circuits for dehumidification and commercial room ventilation are managed by our GrowLink control system and panel with a backup thermostat for control system failure redundancy. Control system integrated Bard system alarms are used to alert users ahead of potential more catastrophic failures. A custom designed airflow distribution system consists of corrosion resistant row fans and strategically mounted air movers along the ceiling and floor (under each Cultivation Area zone) to evenly distribute the ideal air to each row and aid in transpiration load management efficiency. A control system operated CO2 regulator solenoid delivers life thriving CO2 across the ceiling to be evenly spread by the airflow distribution system.


Years of R&D trialing horticultural LEDs from various global and US based companies, lead us to selecting lighting partners that maximize photosynthetic output while minimizing electrical inputs. Scientifically designed light spectrums and applied light recipes are optimized to deliver increased yield and improved color, taste, texture and nutritional value as compared to traditionally grown plants. Automated simulation of sunrise and sunset and light intensity (dimming) throughout a single growth cycle is on the 2021 roadmap.


Reservoir water health is managed by our custom GrowLink control system, which monitors water level, temperature, pH and nutrients levels (PPM/EC) using industrial (not lab) grade sensors. EC and pH sensors only require an annual calibration which takes less a minute to perform with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. No more monthly calibrations or replacing sensors every 12 months. Nutrients, supplements, and pH adjusting additives inject into a recirculating line where the water is chilled and dosed by industrial rated water chillers and sediment filtering dosing pumps. No more recurring clogged dosing lines or constant detailing of dosing pump components. Control system operated Flush and Fill valves provide added automation of scheduled or sensor triggered reservoir fill and flush processes.


Safety is always at the forefront of our engineering team’s focus. CO2 and smoke levels are monitored by GrowLink and Business Rules trigger ventilation, electronic alerts and audible alarms inside the farm should smoke be detected or CO2 levels rise above OSHA defined maximums. Standard fire and smoke alarms, lighted emergency exit signs, and wall-mounted fire extinguishers are always included in our design/build. All electrical components are installed to national electrical standards.


Integrated ladder and harvest/transplant platform systems minimize the frequency an operator needs to go up and down a ladder to reach the top 3 levels, reducing accident opportunities. Removeable harvest/ transplant platforms for working on the upper levels further increase the speed of harvest and reduce the ladder up and down frequency.

From the Palm
of Your Hand


Growlink connects all of the technology in your farm. Data driven farm automation and networking systems.

SENSOR: Monitor temperature, humidity, C02, VPD, and light levels.

ENVIRONMENT CONTROL: Growlink One controller provides increased performance, capacity, productivity and security to for our high-density sensor network and advanced equipment control.

FERTIGATION CONTROL: Designed to provide precision nutrient delivery.