This is the best guide to shipping container farming and agriculture, without question. It isn’t a short article, but it’s extremely comprehensive and educational. Not only do we explain what container farms are and what problems they solve, but we also share over 20 companies involved in container farming, and even discuss the option of building your own.

Let’s begin by saying that shipping container agriculture is one example in a long list of interesting applications for cargo boxes. And while the most common type of container agriculture is crop farming, there are several options for non-plant agriculture like fish or even protein-rich insects!

The point is that containers offer a way to provide a tightly managed ecosystem for whatever plant or animal species you’re hoping to grow or raise. Just like you probably find yourself being most effective and productive when you have good lighting, the right air temperature, and the perfect background music.

Agriculture is really no different. Plants and animals can certainly survive in many environments, but they grow best in specific conditions. And a shipping container is one tool that can be used to help create those ideal environments.

But before we get too deep in the details of how shipping containers are a good fit for agricultural projects, we need to take a step back and understand the problem that container growing is trying to solve.

To do that, we’ll start by discussing Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) through the lens of plants (since that’s where most attention is focused), although many of the same ideas apply to non-plant agriculture as well.

Thrive Containers – St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Thrive Containers is a turnkey container agriculture system combining shipping containers and hydroponic farming with automation software and ease of use intended to drive ROI. Future models will include container farms tailored for specific types of plant life as well as cold storage and packing room options. Thrive was born as an extension of Brick Street Farms which sells leafy greens to grocery stores and direct to consumers online.

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